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July 31, 2009


JFS Youth Team


[Type] Youth
[Field] Meeting/Event, Others(Information Sharing)

[Group Profile]
JFS-Youth is a team of youth founded in 2006 under Japan for Sustainability, a Japanese environmental NGO. Our mission is to disseminate information about youth environment activities in Japan. We hold conferences with overseas universities, and plan and run seminars for enhancing global understanding skills and English skills such as conversation, translation, presentation, and facilitation. We aim at realizing interactive communication that energizes youth in Japan and around the world

[Main Activities]
-Writing/translating environment youth activities in Japan

-Youth Group List (networks)
-Youth Group List (schools)
-Presentation and discussion in international youth conferences
-Plan and management of English seminars for Japanese youth

JFS-Youth Team Launches Green Explorer (GE) Project (Related JFS article)

* pages were translated and written by JFS-Youth Team members.