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October 9, 2011


Company is First in Japan to Provide Water Footprint Assessment Service

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Recycle One Inc., a Japanese consulting company, launched a water footprint evaluation service and "water recovery" service on May 24, 2011, becoming the first company in Japan to provide these services. The company is engaged in environment-related services, such as waste recycling and disposal, and providing carbon offsets.

A water footprint is an indicator of the environmental impact caused by water usage throughout a product's lifecycle or during the operation of factories or companies. Amid concerns over acute water shortages due to the growing world population, interest in water footprint has been on the rise, which has led the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to discuss the international standardization of water footprint. Against this background, Recycle One has begun its water footprint calculation service, assuming that businesses will be increasingly required to provide information on their environmental policies and initiatives concerning water usage.

To support water footprint assessments, Recycle One establishes assumptions by confirming product specifications and lifecycle flows, and collects data on water consumption by each intake source in terms of products and production processes. Based on the calculated water footprint, the company also evaluates the effect of environmental impacts caused by water usage on human health, the ecosystem, and resources.

Meanwhile, in its water recovery service, Recycle One helps businesses to offset environmental impacts caused by their water usage. The impacts are clarified based on the calculation of water footprint. Recycle One introduces groups or projects that support regions and people facing water-related problems around the world to businesses that cannot manage to reduce environmental impacts caused by their water usage, under the concept that the businesses can help reduce the impacts on a global basis by supporting such groups or projects.

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