June 19, 2010


NHK Launches 'Eco-Channel' Internet Portal Website Featuring Environmental Videos and Links

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JFS/NHK Launches "Eco-Channel" Internet Portal Website Featuring Environmental Videos and Links
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The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, or NHK) launched its new Internet portal website NHK Eco-Channel on April 1, 2010, which makes videos on environmental issues available for viewing. The free website offers the latest environmental information through videos chosen from NHK programs or news broadcasts on the environment and nature.

Content on the site is available in both Japanese and English, and visitors can search for videos by category, such as eco-life, global warming, economy, and business. Among the videos available is "The Proposal for the Future," an interview series featuring prominent figures worldwide who discuss issues concerning all of humanity.

Besides videos, the site offers other special content, with which children can learn about the environment with their families in a game-type format. It also provides links to the United Nations, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and international non-governmental organizations to serve as a window where "protectors of the environment" throughout the world can unite.

Having been addressing global environmental issues as part of its mission as a public broadcaster, NHK initiated creation of the website with the aim of increasing public interest in those issues and helping to build a low-carbon, sustainable, and greener future.

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NHK Eco-Channel

Posted: 2010/06/19 06:00:15 AM