April 19, 2010


Survey Shows 85% of People in 15 Developing Cities Concerned about Environmental Issues

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Hakuhodo Inc., a major Japanese advertising agency, released the results of its "Global HABIT 2009" survey on January 14, 2010. The results showed that an average of 85 percent of respondents living in 15 closely-watched emerging cities were concerned about environmental issues. The globally-conducted survey aimed to reveal consumers' attitude towards everyday life.

The survey indicated that respondents have especially high concern for air pollution and drinking water pollution. The most popular environmental measure in everyday life for respondents was buying energy saving products, and Japanese products have a much greener image among respondents compared with other countries' products, being ranked first or second in every city surveyed.

The survey targeted residents of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Metro Manila, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Delhi, Mumbai, and Moscow, questioning 500 to 800 male and female citizens age 15 to 54 in each city. It was conducted by an interview method from May to July in 2009, by visit interviews and personal interviews at public halls.

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Posted: 2010/04/19 06:00:15 AM