August 24, 2008


Green TV Launches in Japan

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Green TV Japan has started broadcasting an environment-themed web channel. The company was founded as a Japanese business on April 8, 2008, and also serves as the Japan Liaison Office of Green TV International, a UK-based non-profit organization.

Green TV was initially founded in UK in April, 2006, as the world first global broadband media group dedicated to the environment. The company broadcasts on the Internet, and aims to share films about the environment produced all over the world, in order to raise viewer awareness of environmental issues, and to promote "global environmental citizens." In addition, with its business management and film making know-how, they also produce low-cost films about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The production staff has full knowledge of environmental practices, social action programs, the environment and CSR activity.

Green TV Japan aims to establish a sustainable society and promote environmental education for children, who will play an important role for the future globe, as well as for ordinary citizens through the films produced by Green TV.


Posted: 2008/08/24 04:14:20 PM