January 31, 2007


58.4% Say Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle is Comfortable

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Hakuhodo Inc., a full-service advertising agency in Japan, announced the results of survey about the environment and sustainability in October 2006. Asked whether they feel comfortable or inconvenienced to live environmentally-friendly lives, 58.4 percent of the respondents answered "Feel comfortable," overtaking the answer "Feel inconvenienced" (41.6 percent).

Responses were received via the Internet from a total of 2,635 persons (1,319 men and 1,316 women) 15 to 69 years of age. The ratio of people who are conscious of protecting the global environment in their daily life was 60.2 percent, and 47.1 percent of respondents say they take some practical action. The results showed that environmentalism has penetrated deeply into society, not only in terms of awareness, but also in terms of action.

To a question about purchasing eco-friendly products, half of respondents answered "I buy them even if the prices are high." Learning about the environmental issues has changed the way they select products the most in automobiles (65.1 percent). Over 40 percent of the respondents said their purchase criteria had changed for detergent, food, fuel, and home electric appliances.

According to Hakuhodo, consumers are especially environmental conscious now about energy-related everyday products, and in the future various products, services and hobbies are likely to reflect a growing acceptance of the idea of sustainable lifestyles.


Posted: 2007/01/31 11:04:15 PM
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