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June 2, 2006


'Eco-Rail Mark' Awarded to 2 Products, 4 Companies

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The "Eco-Rail Mark" was awarded to two products and four companies at the fifth meeting of the Eco-Rail Mark Management and Certification Committee on February 24, 2006. The program was launched by the Eco-Rail Mark Study Committee, which was created by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to increase awareness of environmentally friendly rail transportation.

The Eco-Rail Mark is given to companies that actively make an effort to protect the environment through a modal shift to rail and products meeting the requirements of such a shift. Switching to railways can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to about one-eighth of those generated by transporting the same loads by commercial truck, and one forty-fifth of those by private truck, thus reducing the environmental impact.

A product brand can be Eco-Rail certified if the product travels solely on land or, if not, at least 500 kilometers on land and 30 percent or more of the goods is carried on railways (measured by quantity, or quantity multiplied by distance). For a company to be certified, 15 percent or more of its products that travel entirely on land or, if not, at least 500 kilometers on land must use railways, when calculated in the same manner.

The newly certified products are the bottled green tea and water of Kirin Beverage Corp., a major beverage manufacturer. The four chosen companies are Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Kirin Beverage Corp., Hokkaido Parquet Kogyo Co. (flooring manufacturer), and Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co. Including the new additions, a total of five products and 21 companies have gained Eco-Rail Mark certifications.

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Posted: 2006/06/02 07:03:33 AM
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