April 30, 2005


New Eco-housing Complex Debuts in Nagoya

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The Nagoya Municipal Housing Supply Corporation has constructed eco-friendly model houses in Moriyama-ku, Nagoya City, and will start a trial residence program in March 2005. The corporation aims to promote family and community ties as well as environment-conscious living, adopting the following four themes.

The first theme is 'Be Eco-friendly from the Start,' which indicates building more durable housing using eco-conscious design and eco-friendly materials. The second is 'Intelligent construction, Wise use,' indicating the use of natural energy sources together with equipment and appliances that conserve energy and water.

The third is 'Good Inter-personal Relations,' indicating a house design that enables residents to enjoy the surrounding natural environment and interact with the local community as well as with family members. The last theme is 'Better Eco-life.' Residents can compost food waste and use rain water effectively, and are this encourages them to join in activities such as growing vegetables and flowers. The first round of applications for trial residence was very popular and all spots have already been filled. The next trial will be held in May 2005.

Posted: 2005/04/30 10:55:18 AM
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