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January 3, 2007


Indicators - Nature / Environmental Education and Systems

N-5. Percentage of Green Consumers

1.Current Values
29.9% (FY 2003)

2.Current Points
(out of a perfect score of 100 by 2050) 30 points
Calculation method:
(Current value – minimum value) / (2050 target value – minimum value) x 100

3. Explanation of Indicator
“Green consumers” are consumers who are inclined to buy goods that are environmentally friendly. If green consumers increase in numbers, then distribution of environmentally friendly merchandise will increase in the marketplace, and the environmental burden will go down for the lifecycle of the merchandise.

As environmental education is now being introduced at the school, community and corporate levels, this indicator was chosen because we feel the results of this education will necessarily relate to changes in the consumption behavior of individual consumers.

4.Target for 2050

5.Ideal for the Future

6. Rationale for Ideal and Target Values
The percentage of people who replied, “I always do” or “I generally do” when asked the question “When you buy goods or services, do you select them after considering their impact on the environment?”

Where the environmental impact of daily life is sufficiently low, there should be an awareness [by the consumer] at the time of purchase that “of course” [a product] must be environmentally friendly. In the ideal, and the target for 2050, the percentage [of these consumers] would be 100%.

7. Source
Ministry of the Environment “Fact-finding Survey of Environmentally Friendly Lifestyles (Results of National Survey)”(Japanese only)

Related information:
Recommendation by Central Environment Council on a "Vision for a Virtuous Circle for Environment and Economy in Japan", Ministry of the Environment

8. Notes
In the report “Vision for a Virtuous Circle for Environment and Economy in Japan – Toward a Healthy, Rich and Beautiful Environmentally-Advanced Country” (Report of the Expert Committee for a Virtuous Circle for Environment and Economy for the Ministry of the Environment Central Environmental Council Policy Meeting) (April 19, 2004), the 2025 target value is 80%.