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March 26, 2012


Another use for Nissan's EV: Emergency Power Source for Condo in Disasters

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Nissan Motor Co. of Japan announced on December 20, 2011, that it will introduce, jointly with three other partners, a system to supply power for a condo from the battery of the Leaf, Nissan's electric vehicle (EV), in times of emergency. The partners are Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., a major Japanese real estate developer; Fulltime System Co., Japan's largest operator of temporary deposit boxes for home-delivery packages; and Nissan Car Rental Solutions Co.

During power disruption, the system is able to power a One-Seg TV, radio or desk lamp, and charge a cell-phone for up to 10 days using an EV battery through a charger-feeder. They plan to commercialize the system in September 2012.

The system will be placed in condos which sign the *EV Car Sharing Service. Electricity from the EV battery is supplied via a charger-feeder to emergency outlets provided at a condo's assembly room, which will function as an emergency response center in disasters. The system will be gradually introduced to newly built condos adopting the Car Sharing Service in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

*Services operated by Mitsui Fudosan, Fulltime System and Nissan Car Rental enable condo residents to share the Nissan Leaf.

In August of last year, Nissan announced a device to supply power for household use from its EV's large-capacity (24 kilowatt-hours) lithium-ion battery. Nissan has since examined the commercialization of the device with various business partners and the emergency use of an EV battery for condos is one pioneering solution.

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