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October 30, 2011


Major Japanese Breweries Share Logistics to Cut CO2 Emissions

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Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and Kirin Brewery Co., two major Japanese brewers, announced on June 30, 2011, that they planned to started a cooperative work to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of their distribution arms on August 29, 2011. The targets are small-lot delivery in some areas of Tokyo and collection of used containers in surrounding prefectures. Through these efforts, they estimate that their total annual CO2 emissions will decrease by about 196 tons, which is equivalent to approximately eight Tokyo Domes.

With regard to small-lot deliveries, the Shinjuku delivery center of Asahi Breweries and the eastern delivery center of Kirin Brewery will jointly deliver to their clients in the six wards of Tokyo. Under the plan, both in-house products and the rival company's products will be delivered together to the customers of both companies. As for the collection of empty containers, they will share the collection role for their common customers. Furthermore, after distributing products, active delivery trucks will pick up the used containers of both companies, thereby increasing efficiency by 25 percent.

While engaged in fair competition as competing brands in the market, both companies are trying to build a cooperative system beyond existing frameworks in order to contribute further to the development of a sustainable society.

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Posted: 2011/10/30 06:00:15 AM



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