August 30, 2011


Senshukai Launches Project to Popularize Organic Cotton

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Senshukai Co., a major mail-order house in Japan, started on June 1, 2011, a project to popularize the use of organic cotton as part of its CSR policy of advocating environmental conservation. The project presents the company's original line of organic cotton products such as towels and sheets that are already being marketed through its catalogues and website. With the catchphrase "Be Happy With Cotton," the project is intended to widely advocate how these goods contribute to environmental protection.

Organic cotton is cotton that has been produced in fields where no agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers have been used for three years. The three-year period is the time agrichemical effects take to disappear from cotton fields. The more organic cotton becomes popular among consumers, the more cotton fields there will be without agrichemicals. This cycle will lead to greater environmental protection.

Organic cotton is typically priced higher than ordinary cotton. Senshukai, however, is trying to offer quality products at reasonable prices. To do this, the company is working to minimize costs by conducting checks of its production and inspection systems in India and by eliminating losses normally caused by product distribution channels.

Furthermore, in order to promote a broader public understanding of organic cotton and environmental protection, Senshukai plans to organize an "organic cotton popularization team" with its staff to carry out promotional events.

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Posted: 2011/08/30 06:00:15 AM