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July 18, 2011


SIM-Drive Achieves 333 km Range per Charge in Early Model of EV

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SIM-Drive Corp., a university-launched venture company directed by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu at Keio University, announced on March 29, 2011, that their early model has achieved a range of 333 km per charge while in a driving mode aimed at Japanese downtown driving. The model was completed in a joint effort with 34 organizations starting in January 2010 and is called the SIM-LEI. The name stands for Shimizu In-wheel Motor-drive Leading Efficiency In-wheel motor.

SIM-LEI's battery capacity is 24.9 kWh, which is almost the same as electric vehicles (EVs) sold on the market. However, its alternating current power consumption rate is 77 Wh/km, which is equivalent to a gasoline fuel efficiency of 70 km per liter, thereby ensuring a long range. Furthermore, the vehicle body has a total length of 4700 mm and a total width of 1600 mm, giving it a somewhat roomy interior. It has also recorded a time of 4.8 seconds for 0-100km/h from a standing start, which is comparable to high-performance sports cars.

SIM-Drive, founded in August 2009, aims to provide the highest level of EV technology and information at the lowest cost to all those involved with EVs. SIM-LEI's performance is achieved by weight saving on the vehicle body and highly efficient energy regeneration, in addition to SIM-Drive's proprietary technologies, as represented by the in-wheel motor.

The company says that the success of SIM-LEI has demonstrated that EVs can have superior long-distance and energy consumption performance, and that more electric power plants are not required for overnight EV battery charging, even if all the vehicles in Japan are replaced with EVs.

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