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December 24, 2008


Hojo Railway Conducts Test-Run of 100% Bio-Fueled Train

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Hojo Railway Company of Japan, which operates trains between Kasai City and Ono City in Hyogo Prefecture, conducted test runs of a train powered by 100 percent biodiesel fuel (BDF) refined from used cooking oil, on June 29, 2008. This trial was the first in Japan of its kind.

On the test runs, the train shuttled a 13.6-kilometer distance between Hojocho Station (Kasai City) and Ao Station (Ono City). Starting after its normal operation, the company conducted the train test-runs, first using diesel oil as an ordinary fuel at 0:00am, then using the BDF at 1:20 am. Based on the results obtained by measuring in terms of the train's acceleration and fuel consumption, there was little difference between diesel fuel and the BDF. On the other hand, in terms of exhaust emissions, the BDF is cleaner than diesel oil. Hojo Railway is planning events to run the BDF-powered train on special occasions in the future.

Hojo Railway Company, financed by Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture and others, is operated as a semi-public company, with the mayor of Kasai City serving as president. The test-runs were conducted as part of the Biomass Town project, which started in November 2005 in Kasai City.

Posted: 2008/12/24 06:56:58 AM