September 10, 2008


Japanese Burger Chain Using More Petroleum-Free Containers

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MOS Food Services, Inc., a major Japanese hamburger chain, is stepping up its efforts to use non-petroleum materials for its takeout containers instead of conventional plastics, according to the company's annual environmental report entitled "MOS Burger Communication Report 2008" released on June 27, 2008.

The alternative materials already in use at MOS burger shops include:
- hotdog containers: from styrofoam to paper
- wrapping paper for MOS rice burgers: from foamed polyethylene to pulp fiber
- takeout bags: from plastic bags to paper bags
- takeout ice cream cups: from transparent plastic to bioplastic
- salad containers: changed to cornstarch material

As a result of these efforts, the proportion of non-petroleum products among the company's containers and packages reached 50.7 percent of their weight in fiscal 2007, compared with fiscal 2005 levels.

The company concluded an environmental agreement with the Ministry of the Environment in September 2006, in order to create a recycling-based society and to work toward the prevention of global warming. The achievements of this voluntary agreement were reported to the Minister for the Environment, following its termination in September 2007.
Although no longer bound by the agreement, MOS plans to further its efforts to help mitigate global warming by incorporating more eco-friendly tactics.
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Posted: 2008/09/10 11:29:21 PM