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April 21, 2007


Fujitsu Wins Award for Logistics Solutions Based on Supply Chain Management

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On December 14, 2006, Fujitsu Ltd., a major manufacturer of IT products and systems and provider of IT services in Japan, received the Chairman's Award from the Eco-Products Promotion Council for the "logistics systems design" program it launched in October 1998. The program, which it calls "@Logistics Vision," includes services to support companies in their logistics and distribution strategy planning, based on corporate strategies, job analysis, consulting, development of information systems and provision of information system packages to build optimal software and hardware systems.

Supply Chain Management (SCM), which involves coordination among group companies and business partners, is essential to promote efficient logistics management, and this requires more than simply optimization among departments within one company. To implement SCM in Japan, there is a need to build a common distribution system and standardize shipment slips, distribution lots, and commodity master files that often differ for each company and business partner.

To build distribution logistics based on SCM, Fujitsu provides four types of comprehensive solutions for clients, including of its own group companies and business partners. Its Logistics Concept Planning Solutions support planning of corporate strategies that meet clients' needs, for example, by proposing how to link a company's system with the systems of its clients or business partners, and how to change systems within a company. Distribution Information Solutions are intended to renovate conventional distribution information systems. Distribution Center Solutions design distribution systems for warehouses. Delivery Solutions provide safe, secure and fast delivery systems with cutting-edge technologies, support the reporting of carbon dioxide emissions from transportation, and thus contribute to reduction of environmental loads caused by shippers and carriers.

Posted: 2007/04/21 09:14:43 PM
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