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October 18, 2006


DHL Japan Introduces Fuel Cell Vehicle, Hybrid Truck in Delivery Service

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DHL Japan Inc., part of the major global express and logistics DHL network, announced on July 6, 2006, that it has launched a "Green Logistics" environmental initiative in Japan. As a first step, it has introduced a fuel-cell vehicle, a hybrid truck and bicycles into its collection and delivery service fleet primarily in Tokyo, with the goal of gradually expanding the area where such vehicles are used.

In mid-July, the company started using an F-Cell vehicle, a fuel cell car developed by Daimler Chrysler AG (DCAG), to collect and deliver documents in downtown Tokyo, mainly in Otemachi, as a pilot operation to test actual working conditions. The data collected from these feasibility tests will be reported to DCAG in order to contribute to improvements in the development of the next generation of fuel cell vehicles.

DHL Japan also introduced a Mitsubishi-Fuso Canter Eco-Hybrid truck, the first hybrid light duty truck in Japan to meet new long-term emission regulations and one of the most eco-friendly commercial vehicles in existence. Starting on July 20, the company began using the truck to collect and deliver small and medium-sized packages in Ohta ward, Tokyo. Starting in mid-June, it also introduced five folding bicycles in central Tokyo and Yokohama. Delivery vans carry the bicycles, and when the drivers reach designated parking lots in each collection/delivery area, they use the bicycles to transport documents and small packages to customers so as to reduce exhaust emissions.

Posted: 2006/10/18 12:10:04 PM
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