March 23, 2004


Environmental Diary Program Motivates Primary School Children

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In the hopes that children will help to create a better global environment in the future, the Green Cross Japan (GCJ) Foundation is distributing an environmental diary it calls "Green Lane" for free to primary schools around the country and Junior Eco Clubs sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. This education program is designed to help children become aware of various environmental issues around by noting things down in their diaries and getting into the habit of doing environmentally friendly activities in their day to day life.

The diary is designed as a place for children to record what they learn, think and do relating to the environment for three months. It also contains information to help their activities. The information includes easy-to-read explanations of recycling and the roles of forests, water, air and soil. In 2003, about 60,000 students participated in the program. The GCJ holds an annual contest for the best diaries and an award ceremony to encourage children who participate. At its fifth annual awarding ceremony in 2003, the foundation organized a children's environment conference and a commemorative lecture by Ken Noguchi, a noted alpinist known for his environmental activities.

In the future, the GCJ hopes to develop initiatives to expand children's efforts at home and school to reach the community level. The GCJ is the Japanese chapter of Green Cross International, an international environmental non-governmental organization founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, the renowned former Soviet leader.

Posted: 2004/03/23 08:44:52 PM
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