March 6, 2004


Free Energy Education Kits to 3,000 Senior High Schools

Keywords: Climate Change Education Government NGO / Citizen Renewable Energy 

Japan's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy has made energy education kits for senior high school students and plans to distribute them for free as part of an energy education promotion project.

One set includes six kits, with the following themes: (1) fuel cells, (2) wind power generation experimental kit, (3) a coal-fired steam engine model, (4) fossil fuels samples, (5) a greenhouse gas experimental kit, and (6) an educational video on nuclear power generation. A total of 3,000 sets will be distributed to high schools.

Among them, the fuel cell kit provides students with an opportunity to make fuel cells by themselves to learn the basic process of hydrogen generation. With the greenhouse gas experimental kit, students can discover the differences between carbon dioxide and normal air in the rate of temperature increase.

The agency started the energy education promotion project in fiscal 2002 to provide students with learning opportunities about the energy situation and issues Japan is now facing. In the future they will be the main users of energy and bear the responsibility of selecting what energy sources to use.

Posted: 2004/03/06 04:55:20 PM
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