July 16, 2003


Eco-Friendly School Building Makes Debut in Mishima

Keywords: Education Local government Renewable Energy Water 

A new school building of Nishikida Municipal Elementary School has been completed in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is the first eco-friendly school building in the city. The building is a three-story reinforced concrete structure and is equipped with 180 solar panels on the rooftop, providing 30 kWh of electricity to light 18 classrooms. The school also sells excess power generated during weekends to a local power company.

To save tap water, rainwater is collected on the roof and stored in an underground water tank that holds 100 tonnes of water and is used for flushing the toilets and hosing down the playground. Inside the building, locally-grown wood collected from forest maintenance is used in students' desks and in some walls. The school also has a system that uses electricity during the nighttime, taking advantage of cheaper rates.

The amounts of solar-power generation and rainwater consumption are displayed on an electrical panel in the school's main entrance lobby. This is useful to increase students' environmental awareness and also serves as a teaching tool for environmental studies.

Posted: 2003/07/16 10:22:24 AM
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