June 11, 2003


This Year's Sompo Japan CSO Learning Scholarship Program Begins

Keywords: Education Non-manufacturing industry Policy / Systems 

Sompo Japan Environment Foundation is undertaking efforts to promote its "Sompo Japan CSO Learning Scholarship Program" for 2003. Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. is one of Japan's largest nonlife insurers created through the in 2002 merger of Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Nissan Fire and Marine Insurance Company, and Taisei Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

This is a unique program where "civil society organizations," or CSOs (often used synonymously with the term non-governmental organization), and the Foundation collaborate in fostering human resources to work for society in the environmental field. Through this program, students get hands-on learning opportunities while CSOs receive manpower support. This is the fourth year of the program. One of the biggest characteristics of this program is that employees of Sompo Japan provides support for development of human resources indirectly by donating funds for the scholorship.

About 35 selected graduate and undergraduate students will get practical working experience at one of the approximately 20 designated CSOs for 150-300 hours a year. The Foundation serves as a bridge-builder between students and CSOs, supporting activities by granting funds for scholarships and transportation expenses.

This year, Japan for Sustainability, or JFS has joined this program as one of the designated CSOs for the first time.

The Foundation was established in 1999 to contribute to the conservation of the global environment. Its activities include fostering human resources in environmental fields, assisting environmental preservation activities and research, and promoting civic education. Besides the "CSO Learning Scholarship Program," the Foundation has been involved in other human resource development activities such as "E-Co Youth," a program to provide financial and other support to environmental projects planned by graduate and undergraduate students.

Posted: 2003/06/11 09:03:18 AM
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