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August 22, 2002


New Magnetic Wood Paneling Absorbs Waves from Mobile Phones

Keywords: Environmental Technology University / Research institute 

A research group led by Associate Professor Oka Hideo of the engineering department at Iwate University has developed magnetic wood that absorbs electromagnetic waves from mobile phones. It is made by sandwiching a mixture of magnetic particles and an adhesive agent between layers of wood paneling. At venues such as music halls or hospitals where this magnetic wood is used, mobile phones will become inoperable.

Magnetic material is generally capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves, and it was found that nickel-zinc ferrite particles mixed with an adhesive could effectively absorb electromagnetic waves from mobile phones. Materials currently available to absorb electromagnetic waves are made of rubber and magnetic material; however, this breakthrough makes it possible to manufacture wood paneling that has an absorption effect, and to use it as a building material. The findings were introduced in a recent issue of the English science journal "New Scientist".

Posted: 2002/08/22 08:06:35 AM
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