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August 4, 2002


Experiment Launched: Sunlight Piped to Seabed for Water Purification

Keywords: Ecosystems / Biodiversity Environmental Technology University / Research institute 

The world's first experiment was launched recently to purify sludge by delivering sunlight to the seabed via optical fiber cables. This experiment will be conducted at fish farms in Uranouchi Bay, Suzaki City, Kochi Prefecture.

Phytoplankton near the seabed help to decompose organic matter by increasing the level of oxygen in seawater through photosynthesis. This innovative technique was devised by Professor Fukami of the agricultural department at Kochi University. Excess fish feed and fish excretions often get into seabed sludge at fish farms in inland seas, making water quality a serious issue.

Posted: 2002/08/04 09:34:12 PM
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