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August 23, 2009


ECO School Festival Network

[Type] Others (the organization combined with school festival executive committees)
[Field] Recycling &Garbage Disposal, Meetings, Events

[Group Profile]
Our organization, ECO School Festival Network, is a network which enforces environmental measures in school festivals. It is because we think that these activities on a day-to-day level could increase the public's environmental awareness. In 1998, we started our activity with 9 school festivals. In 2006, 32 campuses (27 Universities, 3 Technical colleges, 2 high schools) participated in a communal purchase, which is our main activity. We usually use a mailing list to communicate with each other and exchange information, and more than 300 students and former participants registered with this mailing list.

[Main Activities]
Our organization has a monthly meeting to exchange information, holds workshops from time to time, and makes a communal purchase of eco friendly products such as biomass dishes and bowls, disposable chopsticks made of timber from forest thinning in Japan and disposable paper bags.

[Main Projects]
-Promotion of using biomass dishes and bowls in school festivals

ECO School Festival Network's page

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