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August 23, 2009


Environmental NGO YouthCaN Japan

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[Field]Environmental Education, Conferences & Events, Fieldwork

[Group Profile]
YouthCaN Japan was established in 2005 as the Japanese branch of YouthCaN, a global environmental education network. We have realized projects not only on the environment, but also on science, international cooperation, etc in cooperation with a variety of other organizations.

[Main Activities]
We focus on two things; 1. science and environmental education 2. training of those who act as a bridge between science and community. Also, we extend our field to the publication of teaching materials on science and the environment in developing countries, in collaboration with other organizations.

[Main Activities]
-Science communicator training project
-"Teaching materials on science and environment to children all over the world!" (Publication and distribution of teaching materials)
-Introduction to environmental education (workshops)
-Coordination of collaboration
-Cooperation in planning with worldwide branches

Environmental NGO Youth CaN Japan's page(Japanese)

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