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August 23, 2009


International Youth Environmental NGO SAGE


[Type] NGO
[Field] Food & Agriculture Meeting & Events Fieldwork

[Group Profile]
SAGE is a group in Kyoto which works on various problems about the environment and globalization. We gain knowledge and experience through workshops, study tours in Japan and abroad and participation in international conferences. And we aim to help solve various problems by transmitting our knowledge and experience to society.

[Main Activities]
In addition we publish a free paper and establish a booth in festivals. We work to raise awareness of various environmental problems to society in a unique way.

[Main Projects]
-World Bank
-Environmental Education
-Events of Earth Day
-"Fukkatsuya"(These activities are the projects where we reflect on "throwaway" society.)
-Environmental Provision for Academic Festival in RITSUMEIKAN University

International Youth Environmental NGO SAGE's page

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