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July 31, 2009


Kankyo Sanshiro

[Type] Club (the University of Tokyo)
[Field] Recycle &Garbage, Advocacy, Fieldwork, Others

[Who We Are]
Since the foundation in October 1993, "Kankyo Sanshiro" has been carrying out many kinds of activities in order to solve environmental issues. Today, we have three departments: "Department Komaba", which is the entrance of "Sanshiro" for freshmen and the place to work actively, "Department of Hongo", where each member can make use of their specialty, "Department of RC (Research Center)", which is mostly comprised of graduates.

[Main Activities]
Our activities are based on the policy, "Learn and Act, not Criticize but Suggest, Interact and Grow". We learn widely and research carefully, based on which we suggest ideas instead of just criticizing. Members can meet people with different interests and concerns or of different generations within Sanshiro. We can also meet people belonging to other organizations. That's what makes Sanshiro unique.

[Main Projects]
-University Lecture Series, "Kankyo-no-Seiki"(The Environmental Century)
-Project "KEEP" (environment improvement in the campus)
-Compost Project
-Green Action for Campus Festival
-Furniture Reuse Market

[JFS Article]
Tokyo Univ. Students Active on Environment

Kankyo Sanshiro's page

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