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July 31, 2009


Re-tensha (Reuse and Recycle Bike) Utilizing Committee


[Type] Club (Chiba University)
[Field] Recycle, Environmental Education, Meeting/Event, Fieldwork

[Main Activities]
-We renew illegally-parked bikes and use them for "Re-tensha" which is our bike lending program. We lend re-tensha after making contact with the previous owner of an illegal parked bike, repairing the bike and registering it to prevent theft.
-Managing "Re-tensha and social design A" class. We learn various interdisciplinary approaches, from aspect such as transportation, governance, sustainable urban-development, and environmental issues.
-Investigation and research concerning bike use.

[Main Projects]
-Operation of bicycle recycling system
-Operation of bicycle reusing system
-Foundation and management of council meeting
-Investigation/research on bicycles
-Environmental education program
-Suggestion on bicycles parking lot
-"Re-tensha and public design A" Managing Class
We are a group of Chiba University students majoring in various fields. We seek solutions to bike-related problems and aim to build up a sustainable bike recycling system in the western Chiba region.

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