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July 31, 2009


Waseda University Student Environmental NPO "Environment Rodoriguez" (Waseda University)


[Type] Club (Waseda University)
[Field] Recycling & Waste, Environmental Education, Public Advocacy, Meetings/Events, etc.

[Group Profile]
The Environment Rodoriguez is a Waseda University official student environmental non-profit organization (NPO), established in 1997. We are carrying out a variety of projects focusing on different themes and approaches. Members join ongoing projects or start new projects according to their individual interests. Each group has meetings, does research, makes proposals to the Waseda University Co-op and to the university, interviews experts and holds events.

[Main Activities]
Our activities are based on our policies: to research and study proactively, to focus on hands-on experience and practice and to propose various solutions to environmental problems. What makes us special is the close cooperation with the university and the local community, which has helped us take a wide range of actions such as holding a music event combined with environmental activities. We also hold an environmental business contest and arrange eco-tours.

[Main Projects]
-Waseda Waste Revolution
-Nationwide Contest of Student Eco-Business "em factory"
-"eco Live Music"
-"produced BY" (create eco-friendly products)
-Green Action for the Waseda Festival (campus festival and the Tomon Festival (homecoming day festival)
-Waseda Thanksgiving for Earth
-"eco SMILE" (environmental education)
-"Eco Policy Frontier"(make and advance environmental policies)
-"Eco Shelves"(promote eco-friendly products at the Waseda University Co-op)
-"Hokkaru" Project (promote the use of recyclable takeout food containers
※The Environmental Rodoriguez started this project, but currently the environmental section of the Waseda University Co-op is operating it.

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