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July 31, 2009


Chuo University Environmental Issues Research Club

[Type] Club ( Chuo university )
[Field] Recycling &Garbage, Advocacy, Meeting/Event, Fieldwork, Others

[Group Profile]
We study multiple aspects of environmental problems which prevail globally today from the students' point of view. We put emphasis on analyzing the essence of the problem from various angles, rather than just accepting environmental news reports without questioning them. In this way, we identify the underlying problem, and link it to our practice, instead of tackling the issue at once.

[Main Activities]
We have been studying environmental issues by holding seminars on the following topics:
-"Global warming"
-"Environmental economics"
-"Environmental ethics"
We've had campaigns based on our research:
-The garbage Clean-Up in school festival campaign
-Advocacy to the Ministry of the Environment
-The campaign for a new low-carbon lifestyle: using appliances more sustainably (in cooperation with Tokyo Metro Police).
In the process of addressing environmental problems stated above, members work together to achieve progress.

[Main Projects]
-Disposal of waste from school
- Disposal of waste from school festival
-Study about smoking in school
-Environmental report

Chuo University Environmental Issues Research club's page (Japanese only)

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