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July 31, 2009


University of Shiga Prefecture Green Consumers Club


[Type] Club
[Field] Recycle & Garbage, Environmental Education, Advocacy on foods and agriculture, Meeting/Event, Promotion of green purchasing, invention of eco-friendly products

[Group Profile]
Our club is an official club of University of Shiga Prefecture, established in 1997. We are active in various ways to achieve our goal of raising awareness in green consumer choices and eco-friendly products.
We won a prize of the 8th Green Purchasing Awards.

[Main Activities]
At the co-operative in our university, we promote the sale of eco-friendly stationary and locally- produced food. By doing this, we aim both to make products more environmentally sustainable and increase the supply of the products. We're also trying to extend this idea to other university cooperatives in Kyoto, Shiga, and Nara. In addition, we evaluate existing products sold in the co-operative. Based on the evaluation, we make suggestions to manufacturers on how to make products more sustainable. We have been undertaking activities as an official organization at Shiga Green Purchasing Network (Shiga GPN) in order to promote green consumer choice in the prefecture.

[Main Projects]
-Promotion of green products at university co-operative cafeteria
-Replace the stationary products sold in the school store with eco-friendly ones.
-Environmental education in schools in the prefecture
-Participation in workshops of Shiga GPN, interviews with companies in the prefecture, and organizing eco events
-Promotion of eco-friendly stationary at university cooperatives in Kyoto, Shiga and Nara (provision of information and promotion of sales)
-Contribution locally by inventing university-brand products jointly with local companies and communities; invention of eco-friendly products
-Collaboration with stationary manufacturers to invent eco-friendly stationary products
-Publication of "Hikone book", guidebook of health-conscious and environmentally-aware shops

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