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January 3, 2007


JFS's Vision - Sustainable Society

Diversity has become a more important fundamental concept for social development.

Each community is building an independent, unique and diverse social system based on its own ecosystem, climate, tradition and culture. Local sustainability indexes reflecting the unique qualities of the local area have been established in all cities.

A diverse social system is encouraging the growth of healthy local industries. Numerous local brands are being created, bringing prosperity to sports promotion and other community businesses. This is one of the strong pillars of the sustainable economy at the community level.

Cities and rural villages are connected on multiple levels with high-tech mobility systems and IT infrastructure. This active cross-exchange serves to build mutual trust. Moreover, bicycles are used more actively in the cities.

Regarding gender issues, women are participating extensively in social activities. Various non-governmental organizations are playing an active role as a bridge between corporations, governments and society. Traditional culture is preserved and passed on to the next generation. Thus, different types of social capital are gradually and mutually merged, bringing new knowledge and culture to full bloom.

Political decision-making and policy planning are done consistently from a sustainability perspective through discussions and appraisals by various stakeholders, and all information pertaining to this process and the results obtained are openly disclosed to the public.

On the international stage, Japan is being trusted as a sustainable and peaceful nation. We have worked to develop a cooperative relationship with neighboring Asian countries, allowing us to share our Japanese-style value-generation model, culture and philosophy with them while learning from them in return. By doing this, a partnership based on responsibility and trust is gradually spreading from Japan to the rest of Asia and the world.

We are making the most use of Japan's advanced environmental technology and contributing to the development and education of third world countries by actively promoting fair-trade.