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January 3, 2007


JFS's Vision - Individual well-being and quality of life

As responsible consumers, people are leading active and fulfilled lifestyles.

There has been a gradual shift away from mass consumption and towards a "slow life" with an emphasis on quality of life, living surrounded by Nature and following its laws.

Following the spirit of "Mottainai"(Waste not!), people have naturally desired to lead long, active, spiritually fulfilled and well-balanced lives.

Time spent with the basic unit of community, the family, has increased, and there has been a resurgence of socialization with neighbors and the surrounding community. People are working together as responsible citizens to develop the cities and towns in which they live.

As consumers, people are framing their consumption patterns within the bounds of fair trade, green purchasing, and ethical consumption, at times speaking out and taking action against business and market practices that violate those ideals.

The way people work has also changed. For example, a "knowledge worker" in a knowledge-based society increasingly works at home, allowing for simultaneously maintaining a career and raising children. The possibilities for employment and participation in society have diversified greatly. Everyone is able to find a vocation that fits. Quality of work has become more important than quantity.

In a system in which society supports the realization of each person's hopes and dreams, people are learning and growing together all their lives.

Bullying between children has ceased to exist, and senior citizens have become the respected elders of society, peacefully dying of old age. Old and young, men and women all live healthy, peaceful lives.

Freedom of thought regarding politics and religion are being protected, and a highly ethical, trusting society based not on exploitation but on the spirit of helping each other now provides the foundation for all to realize their hopes and dreams.