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April 5, 2014


Saitama City Reduces CO2 Emissions from Fleet Vehicles

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Photo: Eco-Driving Day
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Saitama City, announced on September 30, 2013, that it had reduced the annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its fleet of official vehicles by about 670 tons and annual fuel costs by about 41 million yen (U.S.$398,058) in the fiscal year 2012 compared to 2006.

In Saitama City, CO2 emissions from automobiles constitute about 30 percent of the city's total CO2 emissions. As part of its effort to tackle air pollution and global warming, the city has taken the lead in shifting to next-generation vehicles such as electric, natural gas, and hybrid cars, in accordance with the Saitama City Traffic Environment Plan.

The city has also promoted eco-driving practices. The "Saitama City Eco-Driving Policy" was established to encourage staff members to practice 10 eco-driving tips including three primary ones: "gradual acceleration," "release the accelerator well in advance," and "maintain proper tire pressure." As a result, the city has achieved its target rate of eco-driving implementation. In addition, Saitama City has declared the 22nd of each month Eco-Driving Day, and stepped up efforts to raise citizens' eco-driving awareness with, for example, a banner displayed at the city hall and eco-driving stickers attached to city-owned vehicles.

The city plans to establish a new target to further reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs, and will continue to make an effort to raise eco-driving awareness among its staff through training and other activities.