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November 1, 2012


New Game Launched for Learning About Okinawa while Driving Electric Vehicle

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Namco Bandai Games Inc., a leading Japanese game developer, announced on June 29, 2012, that in collaboration with Nissan Motor Co., it developed a new interactive game for learning about tourist sites in Okinawa. The game, proposed as a new form of entertainment titled "Okinawa Mira Kuru Drive Rent-A-Car," integrated electric vehicles (EVs), tablet computers, and real-life experience, and was made available free of charge to families who visited Okinawa on summer vacation.

The game used GPS information to quiz players on the geography, climate, and history of tourist spots as they visited them. The quiz results were stored on cloud servers along with photos the family took while doing fun activities in natural settings, such as diving. Back at home, the family could look back on their trip on the website, while the children could use the data for their summer studies.

Eighteen quick-charge battery charging stations (one charger for every 25 kilometers) have been installed on Okinawa's main island so EVs can be used without worry of running out of power. Okinawa is currently said to have the most advanced EV infrastructure in the world. The two companies expected that giving tourists the experience of a new driving system that combined EVs with tablet computers would help raise public awareness of and interest in EVs, leading to greater market demand.

The service was completed on September 30, 2012.