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June 8, 2012


IHI Develops Ultra-compact Portable Gas Turbine Generator

Keywords: Eco-business / Social Venture Environmental Technology Manufacturing industry 

IHI Corp., a major Japanese manufacturer of heavy equipment, including aerospace engines and energy systems, announced on February 16, 2012, the development of an ultra-compact portable gas turbine generator unit capable of autonomous electricity generation.

The device comprises a completely oil-free ultra-compact gas turbine with a built-in ultrahigh-speed generator. It is a palm-size turbine, about 80 mm in diameter and 120 mm in length, rated at 400,000 rpm with a maximum generating capacity of 400 watts.

The prototype unit contains the gas turbine generator equipped with cooling fans and a sound absorbing device, a fuel tank, electric components and auxiliaries and engine starting batteries. It uses propane gas as a fuel. Kerosene and light oil can also be used.

The company expects a variety of uses for the ultra-compact generator, including portable power generation and charging personal devices, use as a power source for robots, and applications in areas where vehicles cannot enter. The company plans to develop technologies to further reduce the size and weight, and to increase the power output, with the ultimate aim of commercialization.

Posted: 2012/06/08 06:00:15 AM