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February 9, 2010


Renault Nissan Alliance Signs Partnership with Saitama City to Promote Electric Vehicles

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The Renault Nissan Alliance and Saitama City agreed on November 5, 2009, to carry out an E-KIZUNA Project, which will aim to create a sustainable, low-carbon society by promoting electric vehicles (EVs).

They plan to build public battery charging stations in the city, to introduce an on-board information system and to make improvements to charging stations. To expand the market for EVs, they intend to install various systems: an incentive system for green registration plates and commercial vehicles using EVs, preferential schemes for EVs in commercial buildings, establishment of a user certification system, and a car-sharing system for EVs. Test-drive events, printing and distributing educational brochures, and educational classes on EVs in elementary and junior high school are also scheduled.

To strongly promote the use of EVs, they plan to encourage various organizations and groups to join the scheme, and cooperate to expand nationwide the scheme's main objective of creating a sustainable low-carbon society, aiming to contribute to the achievement of greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

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Posted: 2010/02/09 06:00:15 AM