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December 26, 2008


Japanese City of Anjo Expanding Eco-Cycling Project

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The city of Anjo in Aichi Prefecture, as part of its promotion as a eco-friendly township, announced in 2007 the launch of its Eco-Cycling City Project, which incorporates the advantages of bicycles into city development. The project aims to make bicycles safer and more comfortable for people to use in the place of cars, while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2006, 19 percent of citizens used a bicycle as a means of transportation. The city set targets of raising this figure to 24 percent by 2010 and 30 percent by 2014, and is cooperating with businesses and citizens to reach the targets. The project consists of three policies: the promotion of bicycle use, the development of a safe and comfortable environment for people on bicycles, and the creation of new systems to expand the use of bicycles.

The city holds regular events to familiarize people with bicycles and improve the environment, and it has also been upgrading parking facilities for bicycles and planning new bicycle lanes.

As part of its new system, since July 2008, 14 bicycle shops have registered as one of Anjo's local bike shops that offer for free the use of tire pumps and check-up services. The city also promotes the bicycle rental business and systems such as its Cycle-and-Ride program.

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Posted: 2008/12/26 06:00:12 AM