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November 5, 2008


Yamato Transport Delivers by Electric-powered Bicycle

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Yamato Transport Co., Japan's largest parcel-delivery company, has been collecting and delivering parcels using an electric-powered bicycle with a rear cart since around 2002. Because the electric-powered bicycle has no engine, it does not emit any greenhouse gases or air pollutants, including carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). The bicycle also has an advantage in that it does not require the deliverer to have a driver's license.

This new vehicle, called the "Threetar," is an electric-powered bicycle coupled with a refrigerator box and a rear cart. It can easily travel along inclined roads thanks to a power assist from the rechargeable battery. The vehicle is also suitable for frozen and chilled packages (Cool Takkyubin). The rear cart with a dedicated cover can load more than 100 kilograms of baggage and since the bicycle is equipped with a custom-built kickstand, baggage can be loaded and unloaded safely.

A sales driver commented, "At first, it was hard, but as I'm getting used to it, it's easier to collect and deliver parcels by bicycle than by car. Since the bicycle has a small turning circle, it is more effective to collect and deliver parcels, even in small alleys in residential areas. It is also good that I don't have to worry about parking violations and noise. In addition, now I can often meet local residents, so I have better communication with them than before!"

As of fall 2008, approximately 1,300 of these vehicles are operating in urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka. In addition to the introduction of these vehicles, Yamato Transport has set goals, known as the "Yamato Transport Global Warming Prevention Objectives," to reduce CO2 total emissions in 2010 to 99 percent below 2002 levels, and is actively working on environmental activities, such as establishing satellite centers, introducing hybrid cars and encouraging eco-driving.
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Posted: 2008/11/05 01:23:07 AM