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September 27, 2007


Hitachi Transport System Awarded Industry Environmental Prize for Physical Distribution

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The Japan Federation of Freight Industries (JFFI) announced the winner of the Environmental Grand Prize for Physical Distribution on May 23, 2007. The award was established in 2000 to promote better environmental measures and policies, and is given to groups, companies and individuals for their achievements in environmental conservation and awareness activities in the field of physical distribution. Hitachi Transport System Ltd. won the grand prize for 2007, becoming the eighth recipient of the top prize.

Based on its corporate philosophy, "Value Mankind and Nature," Hitachi Transport System Ltd. has reduced its environmental impacts by strengthening its environmental management system and providing logistics services such as modal shift services and an industry-wide information sharing platform, as well as by optimizing its core business of logistics operations through third party logistics (3PL) services.

The company has been implementing other measures to reduce the environmental impacts of its business activities, such as establishing an eco-friendly packaging design/distribution center and a waste recycling system. Their comprehensive efforts for eco-friendly physical distribution were highly regarded, and led judges to award the grand prize to Hitachi Transport System.

At the awards ceremony two main prizes, including a special prize, were awarded in each of the three categories of environmental conservation activities, environmental awareness activities, and logistic engineering developments aimed at reducing environmental impacts of physical distribution.

Posted: 2007/09/27 05:06:30 PM
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