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July 29, 2007


'Green Savers' Training and Accreditation Program Promotes Environmental Conservation in Japan

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Trees and Environment Network (TE Network) is a Japanese non-profit organization endeavoring to put society back in harmony with nature by encouraging people to acquire knowledge about plants and the natural environment and ecosystems, to conduct fieldwork based on that knowledge, and to rediscover cultural traditions that have been cultivated in the context of local natural surroundings. As a means to achieve this goal, the TE Network has been implementing a training and testing program for "Green Savers." A Green Saver is a person who has acquired sufficient knowledge to work on a variety of environmental conservation activities.

This program provides opportunities to learn plants and ecosystems from scientific and cultural perspectives, as well as global environmental issues, step by step and systematically. People who have passed the basic level of the Green Saver test are given the title Green Saver. As of January 2007, more than 1,900 people were certified as Green Savers.

For Green Savers to develop practical skills based on their acquired knowledge, and for anyone to learn more about plants and ecosystems, the TE Network has designated 10 sites in Japan where people can directly interact with nature. At these sites, located in village forests, deep in mountains, urban green spaces and other areas, Green Savers play leadership roles in promoting local environmental conservation activities.

Posted: 2007/07/29 11:11:30 AM
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