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January 25, 2007


Nagoya City to Introduce 'Green Delivery' Policy

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Nagoya, a major city in central Japan, will introduce a system to encourage "green delivery," aiming to promote low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles. Under the system, the city will request the relevant departments, when issuing tenders or orders for contracts starting April 1, 2007, to ensure that suppliers and delivery companies use eco-friendly vehicles to deliver goods under purchase or lease contracts with the city government, including city-run facilities such as ward offices, schools and hospitals.

Suppliers will be expected to require their delivery companies to use low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles, or choose companies that do so. Delivery companies will need to use approved vehicles for delivering goods to the city, to carry a certificate of green delivery and to put green delivery vehicle stickers on their approved vehicles. They will be allowed to use unapproved vehicles if they submit a notification that they have plans to introduce green delivery.

The names of businesses implementing green delivery are listed on the city's website, once they submit a declaration of their commitment to use green delivery vehicles, along with notification that they are implementing green delivery or using eco-friendly vehicles.

As green delivery means fewer emissions from per vehicle, the system is expected to be highly effective in reducing environmental impacts. Similar systems have already been introduced in other major cities such as Osaka, Kobe and Saitama.

Posted: 2007/01/25 01:05:10 PM
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