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October 6, 2006


Tokyo Government to Launch Japan's First Tour Bus Eco-Labeling Scheme

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On June 16, 2006, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reached an agreement with industry bodies associated with bus companies and tourist agencies to launch an eco-labeling system for tourist buses. The initiative is the first of its kind in Japan., and aims to give tourists a chance to choose environmentally-friendly buses, thereby improving air quality in Tokyo, along highways and in sightseeing spots in other prefectures. The project is expected to start in the fall of 2006.

Tour buses will be rated according to the level of exhaust gases they emit. The ratings will be indicated on the exterior of buses and in travel brochures so that tourists can select eco-friendly tour packages that use buses that rate high on these criteria. The environmental performance of each bus will be evaluated from exhaust emissions as recorded on a vehicle inspection certificate. The Tokyo government is responsible for establishing evaluation guidelines and criteria. The Tokyo Bus Association is in charge of conducting the evaluation and issuing eco-labels.

The initiative is expected to help promote traveling by bus instead of private car, in addition to improving air quality in Tokyo and other prefectures. Buses and tourist brochures bearing the eco-labels will make their debut in the fall of 2006, when bus companies complete the procedures based on the guidelines.

Posted: 2006/10/06 01:34:18 PM
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