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December 23, 2005


Bicycle Rental Program Underway in Gifu City

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Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, in central Japan, launched a bicycle rental program on October 1, 2005. This is part of development project that began in 2003 by improving leisurely pathways through the city. By renting out bicycles to tourists and local residents as a basic means of transportation for sightseeing and daily use, the city aims to promote citizens' health, community development, and tourism as well as to revitalize the city center as a whole.

For the program, the city provided 140 recycled bicycles that had formerly been discarded, and then repaired for reuse. Bicycle rental stations are located at three sites: the JR (Japan Railway) Gifu Station (40 bicycles available), Gifu South City Hall (20 bicycles), and Gifu Park (30 bicycles). Anyone who is a junior high school student or older can rent a bicycle with a member card or an identification card. The bicycle is to be returned to the station where it belongs. The rental fee is 100 yen (U.S.$0.9) per use, up to one day long. The program was built based on the success of a pilot program in October 2003. The rest of 50 bicycles have been rented to shops cooperating with the project, such as the Nagara River Hot-Springs Inns Group.

Meanwhile, the city has been recruiting corporate and individual sponsors for the program. A sponsor's name is advertised in five different places on a bicycle: one on the foreside of front basket and four on left and right sides of front and rear wheel covers.

Posted: 2005/12/23 05:50:12 PM
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