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March 15, 2004


Mazda's Eco-friendly Paint System Wins Award

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Mazda Motor Corporation, one of Japan's leading automakers, announced on December 25, 2003 that it had been awarded the newly-established "Prize for Promoting Machine Industry" from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry for the development of its Three Layer Wet Paint System. With this outstanding technology, Mazda has also received the Minister of Trade, Economy and Industry Award. The award ceremony was held on February 3, 2004.

The Three Layer Wet Paint System simplifies the painting process by combining the previous two-coat process a top coat to deliver comprehensive environmental benefits. By the introduction of this technology, volatile organic compounds (VOC) have been reduced by about 45 percent to meet the latest European regulations of 35 grams per square meter. Mazda has also succeeded in reducing costs and cutting carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15 percent compared to the previous painting process. Mazda introduced this technology to two plants by August 2003 in the manufacturing of its models, including the Atenza.

The Prize for Promoting Machine Industry recognizes companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that have achieved notable results in the area of research and development involving original, innovative and economically viable machine industry technologies and have contributed to the manufacturing of new products, improvement of product quality and performance and production streamlining through the successful application of these technologies.

Posted: 2004/03/15 09:19:42 AM
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