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October 21, 2003


"Eco-Friendly" Driving Declarations in Japan Expected to Exceed 500,000

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The Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), a public-service organization for automobile users, is promoting efforts to prevent global warming by inviting drivers to make declarations of environmentally responsible driving, for instance, by stopping unnecessary engine idling.

Environmentally responsible driving is fuel-efficient and helps prevent global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, says JAF. People who have made the declarations receive leaflets and stickers about eco-friendly driving.

Participants are expected to drive in an environmentally responsible way and are invited to place the stickers on their cars to help raise awareness. JAF's website shows in real time the number of people who have made the eco-driving declaration. The number will soon exceed 500,000.

The website can also calculate gas mileage and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per kilometer when users input distances driven and the amount of fuel purchased. In addition, the volume of these emissions can be stated in terms of two-liter plastic bottles, in an effort to help users visualize the impacts of their driving.

Posted: 2003/10/21 09:15:18 PM
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