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November 8, 2002


JMA Makes Budget Request for Yellow Sand Dust Forecasting

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The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has made a 14 million yen (about U.S.$114,000) budget request for fiscal 2003 to the country's finance ministry, to provide information on aeolian dust (yellow sand dust).

Yellow sand dust transport has recently increased in scale and frequency, due to desertification in China. Impacts affect people's daily lives and transportation services not only in China and South Korea, but also in Japan. Despite the large impacts, information about actual conditions and forecasts on the transport and settling of the aeolian dust are extremely limited.

Japan, China and South Korea have acknowledged the importance of tackling the issue of sandstorms, at the Tripartite Environment Ministers Meetings of the three countries. Based on their agreement, Japan plans to promote a forecasting system, using its advanced computer models for weather prediction, with the Ministry of the Environment in charge of monitoring yellow sand dust, and JMA in charge of data handling.

The new forecasting and information services will be aimed at promoting safety in daily life, alleviating health hazards, and securing safety and appropriate operations in transportation. Information will also be provided to neighboring countries in East Asia upon request.

Posted: 2002/11/08 06:16:44 AM
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