Sustainability in Japan's Edo Period--300 Years Ago!

On this page, we introduce the translation of "Japan in the Edo Period - An Ecologically-Conscious Society",("O-edo ecology jijo," published in 2000, Kodansha Publishing Company) by Eisuke Ishikawa.

We received much feedback from our readers on articles "Japan's Sustainable Society in the Edo Period (1603-1867)” in our March and April 2003 newsletters which drew upon Mr. Ishikawa's research.

The requests for more information on the sustainable society in the Edo period were overwhelming, which prompted us to contact the author for his permission to translate the book for this website. The group of JFS volunteers including native speakers together worked on the translation originally done by Mr. Oki.

About the Author:

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Eisuke Ishikawa is a writer who specializes in the environmental and ecological issues in the Edo period (1603-1867). He is also a lecturer at Musashino Art University. His recent books introduce wisdom of sustainable living in the Edo period from the angles of technology, energy, resource management, and recycling systems of the period.