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September 30, 2011


JFS "Get Inspired by Nature" Project 2011

Humans have developed civilizations, sciences and technologies from trial and error since the dawn of history.
Still, we could never hold a candle to natural systems.

- Why do raindrops rolling on lotus leaves keep their round shape?
- How can silkworms churn out such strong and beautiful silk threads 1300 to 1500 meters long?

Living things can easily do what humans cannot do.
At the same time, they neither go against natural laws nor harm the natural environment beyond the point of no recovery.

These wonderful and intriguing systems of nature are nowadays becoming a subject of research and development -- technologies inspired from nature -- now being known as "biomimicry" or "nature technology."

This JFS webpage will provide you information on Japanese and overseas trends in technologies that learn from nature, and practical examples of such technologies.


This project is supported by Hitachi Environment Foundation