June 17, 2011


What are the things that we really need?

This cartoon was ranked No. 3 in JFS's Cartoon in 2011.

JFS/What are  things that we really need?

Note: Are re too many unnecessary articles in our lives?

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On this page presented are by Professor Hiroshi Takatsuki.
se are adopted and repainted in color from his cartoon collection,
HaiKIbutsu (meaning precious waste).
For more of his work, please check 's Cartoon Gallery on
website of Miyako Ecology Center.

JFS/Prof. Takatsuki
Author: Hiroshi TAKATSUKI Pen-name: *
Professor, Ishikawa Prefectural University
A member of Japan Cartoonist Association

*His pen-name, , is derived from his last name, which literally means in Japanese.